The workshop 

The propulsive center of La Tecnovalvo is the workshop.

 It's here that, under a precise technical supervision,highly accuracy manufactured products of superior quallity are made.Each worker knows the tool he works with and everybody can appreciate the shop equipment for what it can offer without forgetting its limits. La Tecnovalvo, as far as its investiments are concerned, tries to improve the working enviroment from an ecomonical and financial point of view,by providing its technicians the best than the market can offer them in terms of technology and prevention









      Turning department

    For a company leader in the valves production, a modern and functional turning department represents the best investment.During the last twenty years,technology has allowed a simple mechanical lathe to become a sophisticated tool for a planned production, commonly named numerical control.The development of La Tecnovalvo workers from simple turners to real turning technicians was due to the higly technological equipment which the company has provided them to improve the working process and the finished product.










     Milling department

Milling represents an important step in the valves production.












      Drilling department

The workshop of the La Tecnovalvo owns a modern department equipped with every kind of drilling machines,for accurate and fast drilling planning of various pieces.